Welcome to ELOXIRAS "Electrochemical Oxidation in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Industry". This innovative water treatment solution for RAS companies is developed by a consortium of three SMEs at present. Led by the Spanish engineering company APRIA Systems S.L., the consortium includes the companies Magneto Special Anodes B.V. (The Netherlands) and Rodecan S.L. (Spain).

ELOXIRAS is a novel water treatment process that contributes to enhance RAS productivity and to reduce its environmental impact. H2020 SME-Instrument european funding programme has recognised the innovative character and potential impact over aquaculture sector of ELOXIRAS. This funding program considers ELOXIRAS as strategic in the resource-efficient ecoinnovative food production and processing areas.

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The Product

High efficacy in the removal of the high concern pollutants, even bacteria and viruses, contributing to increase RAS capacity and productivity in a cost-effective way.

Reduced environmental impact due to lower water exchange requirements with surrounding media.

Modular and Easy to Scale-Up allowing to increase treatment capacity with the maximum simplicity and the minimum investment cost.

Compact Design with lower land and installation requirements that saves investment costs and maximizes integration possibilities, including logistic applications in trucks and wellboats.

Adaptable to optimize energy consumption through a fine tune-up of the treatment intensity to the daily change of the pollutant production rate and the short term market demand.

Easy to operate with a quick response to the needs of treatment, allowing to reach 100% of performance without start-up and adapting periods typical of the biological systems.

Fully automated option including remote alert procedures and supervision of the system condition and operation.

Secure process for the farmed species even as the unique water treatment system, ideal for isolated applications as quarantine and bio-security.


ELOXIRAS IN Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal
ELOXIRAS IN Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal

Latest edition of Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal, Issue 11, July 2016, published an article about ELOXIRAS. Click here to read the article: http://www.horizon202...

ELOXIRAS in  the AIChE Annual Meeting for the Environmental Division
ELOXIRAS in the AIChE Annual Meeting for the Environmental Division

The abstract entitled “Innovative Water Treatment Process Based on Electrochemical Oxidation for the Regeneration and Reuse of Water in Marine Recirculati...

New company staff
New company staff

The company Apria Systems strengthens its team with the incorporation of 4 new Project Technicians as part of its expansion strategy and sustained growth....

Interview national press
Interview national press

Interview with Pedro Gomez, Technical Manager of Apria Systems, published in the national press. http://www.guiadeprensa.com/prensa/EL_MUNDO/2016/06/29/excelen...

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