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ELOXIRAS® technology is based on electrochemical oxidation processes. Electro-oxidation is an advanced oxidation process (AOP), generating a mixed oxidant without the addition of chemicals, only by applying an electrical potential between two electrodes in water.

This process is very promising for recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), as it achieves high removal rates of contaminants, such as total ammonia nitrogen (TAN), nitrite and dissolved organic matter, also presenting a high disinfectant efficiency. ELOXIRAS® only consumes electricity, avoiding inherent risks related with the introduction of heat or the addition of chemicals or gases. ELOXIRAS® is originally designed for use in cultivation of marine species with high added value, including gilthead sea bream, seabass, and turbot.

ELOXIRAS® presents several featuresvery attractive to RAS market, highlighting:

  • Modular and easily scalable system, based on customer requirements.
  • Compact system, without large installation requirements.
  • Adaptable process operation, automatically adjusting the treatment intensity to variations in the productivity.
  • Quick response to any treatment needs, allowing up to 100% instantaneous performance for any specific biological system.
  • Fully automated system, minimizing the need for performance monitoring.
  • Safe operational conditions for cultivated species.

ELOXIRAS® - The Product


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