The Project

ELOXIRAS® system applications

ELOXIRAS® will be powerful system to increase the benefits for RAS producers. It will be applied to different scenario such as:

  • ELOXIRAS® HYBRID focused on new or existing large RAS facilities, offering an increase in current production capacity, also achieving lower water use.
  • ELOXIRAS® MINI focused on small scale RAS facilities for final commercialization of adult aquaculture species, offering compactness and adaptable treatment capacity.
  • ELOXIRAS® LOGISTIC focused on typical truck or well-boattransport operations from hatcheries to growing facilities, offering a major autonomy for long distances and larger biomass capacity thanks to its compact design.
  • ELOXIRAS® BIO focused on quarantine and bio-security facilities for any RAS scale, offering an enhanced control of pathogens (bacteria and viruses) due to the disinfection capabilities, also contributing to achieve high isolation levels.

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