The Project

ELOXIRAS® concept

ELOXIRAS® is based on new advanced electrochemical oxidation technology,an advanced oxidation process (AOP) generating a mixed oxidant without the addition of chemicals, only by applying an electrical potential between two electrodes in water.

This process is very promising in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), as it allows to achieve high rates of removal of contaminants such as total ammonia nitrogen (TAN), nitrite or dissolved organic matter, besides having a high efficiency as a disinfectant. The only consumption ELOXIRAS® is electricity, so that the introduction of heat or the need to add chemicals or gases inherent risk is required. ELOXIRAS® is originally designed for use in cultivation of marine species of high added value, including those found bream, sea bass or turbot.


ELOXIRAS® - The Concept

The novel water treatment process designed in ELOXIRAS® is expected to improve productivity, efficiency, and environmental impact of marine RAS, allowing the following main benefits for Marine RAS industry:

  • Higher production leading to a higher culture densities.
  • Lower fresh water intake consumption.
  • High efficacy on water treatment.

ELOXIRAS® is also a modular and versatile solution that will allow its adjustment to different RAS facilities depending on their size. ELOXIRAS® is easy to operate without efficacy fluctuations and start-up periods, and could be also used on logistics operations to guarantee the best transport conditions from hatcheries to fish farms at high efficiencies rates.

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