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Apria Systems

APRIA Systems is a Spanish innovative company of technological content, based on knowledge. Its activity is strongly influenced by the role of R&D and has highly specialized human resources.APRIA focuses on innovation to provide sustainable advanced solutions for the purification of industrial streams based on membrane and advanced oxidation technologies. Therefore, APRIA is continuously updating and upgrading its know-how through important R&D investment efforts in order to provide the most innovative solutions.

The project responsible in APRIA is Pedro Gómez, PhD (male), the CEO of APRIA Systems and main responsible for carrying out the proposed project activities. Pedro is the Project Coordinator and Exploitation and Promotion Manager.


MAGNETO Special Anodes: Dutch, highly technology driven and customer orientated company. MAGNETO distinguishes itself from its main competitors by focussing on co-development in close cooperation with customers, resulting in highly advanced and tailor-made anodes and produced for a wide range of industrial sectors. MAGNETO has approximately 60 employees, all highly qualified and dedicated, and over 60 years of experience in manufacture of special titanium anodes. MAGNETO will be responsible for collaborating in the optimization of reactor design, manufacture of reactors and electrode materials ELOXIRAS®.

The project responsible in MAGNETO is Abel Smulders (male), Account Manager and Engineer for the company. He has wide experience in functional design and sales of electrolysers for water treatment.


RODECAN: Spanish company from the aquaculture sector with experience in growing turbot. RODECAN has currently 10 workers and it is the unique company dedicated to this specie in this Spanish region. RODECAN has more than 10,000 m2 out of which 6,500 m2 are devoted to the turbot production. It has 180 tanks of 35m2 each to produce 180 tonnes per year with a maximum production capacity of 350 tonnes. RODECAN assists in the validation and demonstration of ELOXIRAS® and provides data and technical information for product improvement.

The project responsible in RODECAN is Jose Antonio González Iglesias (male), CEO and Director of production of RODECAN, with extensive experience in aquaculture processes.

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