The Project

Workpackage description

  • WP 1: Upgraded design of ELOXIRAS® system. Improve on the reactor design for fine-tuning its performances and costs. Also, several types of carbon filters will be evaluated to select the best efficient one for ELOXIRAS® system. A modelling tool will be also developed to upgraded ELOXIRAS® design, sizing, and techno-economic evaluation on real facilities. Final design of the final ELOXIRAS® prototype will be made.
  • WP 2: ELOXIRAS® prototype manufacturing. Manufacture and integrate the different optimised components of the system on a unique module system.
  • WP 3: ELOXIRAS® prototype validation. Demonstrate and test the system on Rodecan end-user over the fish species selected. Adjustments to be made will ensure to achieve the objectives.
  • WP 4: Certification of technology. Analysis of the regulation required for the ELOXIRAS® system in order to introduce the system into market with all guarantees and legal requirements.
  • WP5: Dissemination and exploitation of results. Based on IPR analysis, the protection strategy will be set up. Besides, the different actions to include on the dissemination and exploitation plan for ELOXIRAS® deployment will be defined.
  • WP6: Business development and commercialisation. Commercial strategy will be defined to cover the selected market (species and countries). Set up the different agreements with stakeholders for commercial development.
  • WP7: Project management. Technical and financial management of the Project.

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