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Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by filtering and removing water pollutants from the fish tanks so it can be reused. Since its introduction, RAS production has increased in volume and species with a CAGR of 14%/year, and has a worldwide market estimated in €6.4 billion. Marine RAS system is expensive to purchase and operate, and requires high biomass culture densities (kg/m3) that implies fast accumulation of toxic metabolized compounds in low water volumes, hence demanding significant volumes of fresh water. Thus, RAS end-users need cost-efficient technologies able to work under these conditions. Market available solutions are mainly bio-filtration and ozone treatments, but cannot properly work under these challenging conditions, showing efficacy fluctuations and start-up periods that increase the production stages and their costs.

This framework has encouraged APRIA Systems, a SME with more than 10 years of experience in water treatment process, to develop ELOXIRAS®. The first prototype is based on new advanced electrochemical oxidation technology. It can be easily adaptable to different RAS facilities (modular & versatile), and it is easy to operate without efficacy fluctuations and start-up periods.

ELOXIRAS® is also suitable for logistics operations to guarantee optimal fish transport conditions and efficiencies. ELOXIRAS® will be upgraded by APRIA supported by key technology partners as MAGNETO SPECIAL ANODES (reactor specialist) and RAS end-users as RODECAN (industrial validation tests).



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